Synopsis of the novels comprising 'generator'

The novel begins at the Akademy; a prestigious private educational facility located within a converted castle in the Czech Republic. Jurgen Ernst, a young programmer from Germany, develops a romance with Coraline Coventry from England. Coraline assists Jurgen to enhance telepathic skills to communicate with her. As the term of their studies draw to a conclusion, the lovers are separated with each pursuing the paths toward their own destinies.

Jurgen begins his career at Gensynth in Osaka, Japan, developing artificial intelligence systems for hybrid human/ insect workers. Disillusioned with this project, and becoming obsessed with the scientific experiments his grandparents conducted for the US military, Jurgen travels to Iceland to occupy his grandparent's abandoned base. In isolation, Jurgen develops digital entities he has designed to evolve throughout the network to eliminate all sources of corrupt and false information in every database. In order to ensure the success of this project, Jurgen sacrifices his own life in the belief that something of his spirit will be encoded in these entities to energize and guide them.


Coraline Coventry becomes a successful architect designing innovative, and increasingly complex structures. As a result, she catches the attention of a Chinese entrepreneur, Sun Tzu, (the Sun King) who has made a vast fortune marketing solar energy products throughout the world. Sun contracts Coraline to design the Golden Sun Pavilion in Beijing. Completely immersed within virtual reality to design the monumental structure, Coraline has made the decision to offload her personal memories in exchange for digital implants which augment her ability to interact with the architectural software.

Completing the project, Coraline regains her memories; beginning with her childhood, and continuing through her life. She gradually recalls significant people from her past; her grandfather who taught her about sculpture and poetry, and her Jamaican governess, Clara Voyee, who introduced Coraline to voodoo magic and techniques to improve her mental capabilities. With sadness, Coraline also recalls her ill-fated love for Jurgen Ernst. As a result she retreats into a virtual model of her wonderful childhood garden to convalesce.



Cordova Frost was a digital security agent employed by Flex Global. For several years, Cordova had been assigned to investigate the mysterious activities of Jurgen Ernst in Iceland. Upon realizing how Jurgen's experiment had concluded, Cordova decides to leave the agency and his life in the tower, and assume an anonymous identity. He takes a job driving a concrete transport vehicle working the graveyard shift. By coincidence he meets Jurgen's father; the pulp science fiction author, Kropton Ernst.

Kropton reveals many aspects of Jurgen's life, then upon passing away, Cordova inherits his manual typewriter. Cordova spends every evening before his late shift typing a few pages of a manuscript. In his writing, Cordova records many aspects of his own life, and some of the secret information he was privileged to access during his time as an agent. One evening he encounters an associate of Jurgen who invites Cordova to attend a ceremony in which the faithful are convinced they are truly in contact with Jurgen's spirit.



The concluding novel comprising generator, centers around a 'reality hacker', named Yuri. He is a member of a group of anarchists who call themselves ro@ches. Yuri is able to physically infiltrate any building by slipping through sewers or climbing air ventilation ducts. The ro@ches discover that executives from one of the towers have released a plague to rid the core of undesirables; mutants from genetic experiments and those injured in industrial accidents who scavenge what they can in the barren wasteland.

Inspired by the spirit of Jurgen, (which ro@ches believe has become manifest within the network), they launch an information warfare campaign against the corporate executives they discover were behind the extermination program. As a result, the son of one of the executives assumes control of the corporation and vows to make amends for the errors of his father, by using the corporation's resources to initiate positive change to create a better future for the world.