'Eternal Golden Light' is the second of four volumes which comprise the novel 'generator'.*

'Eternal Golden Light' is a sublime and fascinating feature film project. It addresses concepts of significance today: solar energy, virtual reality, and the sacrifice talented young professionals make when they devote themselves entirely to their 'project'.

The protagonist of 'Eternal Golden Light' is the ambitious master architect Coraline Coventry. In the year 2020, Coraline has completed the virtual model to construct the Golden Sun Pavilion, located in Beijing, China. Fully-immersed within sophisticated architectural software, Coraline has conceptualized every detail of the structure's innovative design. Inspired by the processes of nature, Coraline creates a self-sustaining environment exclusively powered by solar energy. To maintain the state of intense concentration, Coraline had agreed to off-load her personal memories, in exchange for enhancing her mental capabilities with digital implants to facilitate the elaborate project within which she was immersed for several years.

In a state of exhaustion from her task, Coraline begins the arduous process of having her memories gradually restored. At first, memories from early childhood; her fantastic 'alice in wonderland' garden on her family's country estate near Whitehaven in northern Britain. As the story progresses, Coraline regains memories of people which influenced her formative years, particularly her grandfather William Coventry; a philosophical sculptor and poet who introduces her to the marvels of natural material. Her Jamaican governess, Clara Voyee, an accomplished practitioner of 'voodoo magic' demonstrates the power of 'directed thought'. As these memories are re-introduced, with the assistance of her physician; Maria Kachelli, Coraline profoundly experiences each one as though for the very first time.

Memories return of studying at the Akademy within a converted castle in the Czech Republic, where Coraline meets her 'true love'; a young programmer from Germany, named Jurgen Ernst. While these star-crossed lovers are separated after their studies, they retain a telepathic link with each other, and later a 'virtual' connection within Coraline's architectural software. Jurgen has followed a path established by his own grandparents which has led him to Iceland where he is destined to conduct an experiment in which he exchanges his life so that the viral digital entities he has constructed will manifest themselves within the network. Coraline's sensitivity to detecting these entities within her architectural software creates a desire that seems cannot be fulfilled.

The impetus for creating the Golden Sun Pavilion comes from the 120 year-old CEO of Golden Sun Corporation. The Sun King has accumulated vast wealth by creating solar energy products that are affordable to consumers around the world. His dream is to create a self-sustaining environment for his most loyal employees to live and work, in which all their needs are supplied. The enormous octagonal structure is enclosed in glass embedded with solar cells. All food required by the inhabitants is grown upon large spiral terraces. Air and water is manufactured from molecules. The environment is peaceful and productive. Anyone is free to leave, but few desire to. In addition, the Sun King's legacy is the Universal Memory Bank; which is a freely-accessible repository of the world's most important knowledge, and project N.O.A.H.; which is a DNA library obtained over several decades from most earthly creatures just before they had become extinct.

The Sun King, through his guidance and mentorship, becomes Coraline's friend and benefactor. Having experienced a long life, Sun imparts wisdom and perceptions about the progression of the history of the world, and imbues optimism for the potential of a 'brighter future'. Upon completion of the Golden Sun Pavilion, the Sun King is interred within a cryogenic preservation chamber in the monument's capstone. Coraline, during her convalescence while undergoing memory recovery treatment, continues to communicate with the Sun King through a digital interface in his chamber.

In the end, with her memories returned, and the loneliness of fully experiencing the emptiness of the loss of family and friends from the past, Coraline retreats into the virtual simulation of the garden of her youth, where her immersive techniques can regain contact with the 'spirit' of Jurgen Ernst in the pleasant paradise she has created.

[ * ] Note ~ Each of the other novels; generator (volume one) floating-point; generator (volume three) 'the tower'; and generator (volume four) 'ghosts of reality', are currently available at https://issuu.com/generator_novel_series.