During March and April of 1992, while attending Emily Carr
College of Art and Design, Brian Haley and Gregory Zbitnew
organized an art exhibition called 'The Young and the Restless'.
We managed to get a location near Robson and Howe ~ in a large
street-level space that was under construction for retail. Brian
arranged for sponsors to contribute material and several cases
of wine. I designed the promotional material, and Eric Miehe
silk-screened them onto a variety of self-adhesive material that
we posted around town. There were at least 200 people at the
opening in the large space. And the artwork was amazing!

The poster above is 12x 14 inches ~ screened onto reflective mylar.
(The black areas in this scan are actually a smooth mirrored-surface).

The invitation to the opening (below) was about 3 x 7 inches.
It was screened onto perforated self-adhesive material;
the consistency of rubber.

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