To some of the bookstores carrying 'generator':



Vancouver, BC: Arcanium, Blackberry, Booktown, The Comic Shop, Duthie, Granville, Hermit, People's Co-op, Renaissance, Sophia, Spartacus, Tanglewood, White Dwarf.

Whistler, BC: Bestsellers, Armchair Books

Nelson, BC: Oliver's Books

Comox, BC: Blue Heron

Edmonton, Alberta: Greenwoods' Bookshoppe

Wadena, Saskatchewan: Wadena Drugs

Ottawa, Ontario: David Poitras, Bookseller

North Bay, Ontario: Allison the Bookman

Montreal, Quebec: the Word, The Double Hook, Brainbutter, Librairie L'ecume Des Jours, and Argo Books.

St. Johns, Newfoundland: Wordplay


Reykjavik, Iceland: Mal og menning

Rayleigh, UK: Fantastic Literature

Utrecht, Netherlands: Bookshop De Rooie Rat

Uppsala, Sweden: The Uppsala English Bookshop


Baltimore, MD: Atomic Books

San Francisco: City Lights Books

West Hollywood, LA: Book Soup, Bookseller to the Great and Infamous

Evanston, Illinois: The Stars Our Destination

Boulder, Colorado: Boulder Bookstore

Salem, Oregon: Jackson's Books

Eugene, Oregon: University of Oregon Bookstore

Portland, Oregon: Looking Glass Books

Portland, Oregon: Reading Frenzy

Seattle, Washington: Elliot Bay Book Company


The novel should also listed with Blackwell's Online Bookshop




> Primiti Too Taa: An odyssey of information relating to a short, experimental, typewriter animation, IMAX film as well as information about how to buy the Imax corporation itself:

>Innocent Vision: Ed Ackerman and Veronique Besancon head up an enterprising company based in Montreal CANADA which produces 'Nothing' - a unique artists' stationary kit consisting of blank postcards and 'postage' stamps. They are also in development of a unique 3D drawing program for children. Check out their very innovative website:

> Optic Verve: Website of the intrepid performance artist T.S.Thomas. Discover his poetry, and journey into the heart of a philosopical twilight zone called '404':

> Iceland on the Web: Arts, Culture, Literature':

> Giant Robot or Novel disposal unit?

> Fugue State Press: Digital Publisher. My favourite is - "Daughter! I Forbid Your Recurring Dream!" - which is very cool.